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Rebuilding Credit with Merchant Accounts
A merchant account is a line of credit but only for that one particular store. These merchant accounts are GUARANTEED APPROVAL
(99% approval rating). These GUARANTEED credit approval accounts (99% approval rating) will establish large high credit limits on your
credit report which will help you to rebuild your credit.

US Gold Cards
• Merchant Account = $2,500 to $10,000 revolving lines of credit: US GOLD CARDS. They will determine your line of credit but it will be a minimum of $2,500. They will charge you $150 to get started. Then every month you wish to keep the account open you will have to pay $20 per month with a 6 month minimum. They report to Equifax only. Also they will add a co-borrower for an extra $25 which no one else does! (Note – this is not a VISA or MASTERCARD – it is a credit account that can ONLY be used at their online store).
• Fingerhut! These guys will very often approve consumers that a bank will not. They will either issue you credit right away or they make you purchase something from their website to get started. Either way they approve most everyone.
Additional option: A secured credit card works this way. You will give a bank some money, usually a minimum of $200 to $300. The bank will open a savings account for you and deposit your money into it. They will then send you a credit card with a limit that matches the amount you deposited. This is a real credit card. You may use it like any other credit card.
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