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Global Bridge Holdings Joint Venture
Global Bridge Holdings is interested in any legal transaction that is profitable and meets our risk tolerance levels.

• If you have the cash and the deal, you don’t need us.
• If you have a solid transaction but lack the capital, we are your capital partner.
• Unfortunately we are not long term investors, developers or lenders.
• We are looking for transactions that lack the capital to move forward.
• We guarantee everything we deliver.
• We need new opportunities, we need people like you.
• We are looking for people with an overflow of strong opportunities.

Financial Instruments

We are willing to partner with any solid group having access to real instruments. Our money can be applied to the acquisition and flip on anything with a margin of 5% or more.

We require a minimal deposit that is refunded when the instrument is flipped. Before we make a dime your deposit is returned to you from the profits and then we split 50/50.

The deposit would be escrowed, we would provide evidence of our cash and our background. When you have verified our cash and our background, to your satisfaction, you release the deposit.

This is a performance based transaction. If we don’t have the money/reputation, you do not pay. If you do not escrow, we do not deliver cash or compliance.

We are looking for a look before you leap transaction, just like we are offering you.

We will go ledger to ledger, the instrument needs to be validated before we pay.


We can offer an administrative hold via MT799 though UBS, Credit Suisse, HSBC, HSH Nord and Clariden Leu.

Our deposit policy is the same on this type of transaction.

Real Estate

Our money is used just for flipping properties. We are not developers or lenders.

Here is an example.

Let’s say you have a building under contract for $10M. It is worth $20M and you have a buyer for $15M.

You realized that you can make a lot more being an owner, not a broker.

We would purchase the property in your name and you would flip it to your exit buyer.

We would not use your exit buyers funds until we paid for the asset and you held title. No double escrows.

We would split the profits and refund the fee you paid for the POF ( if you even needed that ) to acquire the contract.

We would only purchase the asset if there was zero chance of getting stuck with the asset.

Your exit buyer would have to have their DD completed, funds in escrow.

We would copy their actions, if they are not showing sufficient motivation to buy, neither will we.

We are turning our money every 30 days, any long term investments would most likely be a loss against our current model.

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