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Global Bridge Holdings: Memorandum of Understanding
Benefits to you and your project:

  • We ask for no upfront fees at any time from anyone. We will pay all of our own legal, banking, travel and due diligence fees if our process is followed.
  • You will retain operational control of your project as we will be minority partners, if there is an equity position offered.
  • This is a non-recourse scenario. We will not lien the project owner’s personal assets.
  • It is possible for your project to receive 100% financing.
  • A stepping stone approach to financing is possible. Meaning, if you do not have an investor or lender willing to put up 100% of your funding needs today, it is possible to start as low as $5M.
  • We will execute a preliminary funding commitment. If our process is followed, your project will be funded.

What is needed from your group:
  • First and foremost you will bring forth an investor or lender that desires an institutional guarantee that assures the return of their capital instead of your project making that guarantee. Instead of your investor lending to you on your project and wondering if they will get their capital back plus profits, we have a top bank or financial firm willing to guarantee the return of their capital.

  • The guarantee could be a bank instrument (an example would be a Certificate of Deposit or Bank Guarantee) or bank contract.

  • After the guarantee is delivered, a credit line will be created that our group is responsible for, not the owner of the guarantee. That credit line will be created to fund your project.

  • So following our methodology, your investor is receiving a guarantee from you and your project, in addition to the institutional guarantee we have facilitated for you. We believe this will dramatically increase the probability of your project receiving funding.

  • By using our process, your investor will never have to worry about late payments, default, foreclosure and liquidation of project assets to make themselves whole. Any failure by the project will have zero impact on the institutional guarantee they have received in reference to the return of their capital.

  • The guarantee is their security; the above market interest is the profit necessary to move your investor forward.
Financial Instruments

We are willing to partner with any solid group having access to real instruments. Our money can be applied to the acquisition and flip on anything with a margin of 5% or more.

We require a minimal deposit that is refunded when the instrument is flipped. Before we make a dime your deposit is returned to you from the profits and then we split 50/50.

The deposit would be escrowed, we would provide evidence of our cash and our background. When you have verified our cash and our background, to your satisfaction, you release the deposit.

This is a performance based transaction. If we don’t have the money/reputation, you do not pay. If you do not escrow, we do not deliver cash or compliance.

We are looking for a look before you leap transaction, just like we are offering you.

We will go ledger to ledger, the instrument needs to be validated before we pay.

NOTE: That number will be negotiated on a project by project basis.

Utilizing this method we transfer all risk from your investor to our group. Why are we doing this?

Our group is doing this for an equity, debt or combination of the two positions in your project. Your team will make us an offer based on the amount invested. Your offer will be mutually executed after final due diligence has been completed on your project.

How do we move forward:

There is no cost attached to moving forward. We need some simple items from your investor to start the bank compliance process. We have an encrypted email service to intake your sensitive information.

1) Intake form (standard compliance package)

2) Proof of funds

3) Executed mutual confidentiality agreement

4) Articles of Incorporation:

- If they are a US passport holder or a US corporation, an international business corporation (most prefer Canada) must be used or, simply an international law firm (whichever is most efficient for you). Items needed:

Project Summary

Preferred structure the project owner desires (equity, debt or combination) and terms.

Seed investor information and proof of funds information.

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